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A Teen Walks into the Library Course

In this self-directed course, learners will gain a beginning-level understanding of working with teens in the library setting.

How to navigate this course

Start – To access the course, simply click on the image above, and then click the Start button

Navigation – There are a few ways to  navigate through this course.

Previous/next buttons – use the navigation buttons on the bottom right of the player.  They look like this.

Menu – You can also use the menu to access different parts of this course. (Note: not every page of this course is listed in the menu, so it us best to use the menu to revisit portions of the module.)

Audio: This module has audio that will automatically play as you visit each screen.

You can adjust audio volume using your computer or headset volume controls or by clicking on the sound icon.

If needed, you can replay the audio on any screen.

If you cannot hear the audio or wish not to use it, you can access the audio transcripts for each screen by clicking on the Notes for that screen.


We have included a few videos in this course. To play the videos, click on the Play button.

If you cannot hear the audio in the videos, or wish not to use it, you can access the transcripts for each video by clicking on the Notes (located in the upper right of the course) for that screen.

Tips for getting the most out of this course

    1. Let your supervisor know you are interested in taking this course.
    2. Work with your supervisor to add this course to your yearly/monthly learning plan.
    3. Work with your supervisor to discuss learning expectations for this course, based upon the description and stated learning outcomes.
    4. Share this course with colleagues and encourage them to take the course along with you.
    5. Share what you are/have learned in this course.
    6. Encourage your supervisor and/or peers to provide continued observation and feedback as you practice what you learned
    7. Discuss with your supervisor and/or peers anticipated barriers to applying what you learned and how these barriers can be overcome
    8. Take our post course survey to help us make our training better.