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WebJunction: Weeding the Collection

The information in this course is relevant to all types of libraries and addresses the weeding of all types of library materials, including adult and children’s collections, as well as print and non-print materials.  (Note: You will need to create a free WebJunction account to access).

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Learning Objectives 

  • Develop clarity and decisiveness around the reasons for weeding your library collection. 
  • Identify print and online resources to aid in planning an effective weeding program. 
  • Adapt published weeding guidelines to develop criteria for weeding their collection. 
  • Develop a weeding plan for the library which includes a schedule, criteria for specific subject areas and material types, and procedures. 
  • Explain positive solutions to avoid common pitfalls and problems with weeding such as “unweedable” gifts, “sacred” memorial donations, the “recommended collection size” trap, fear of admitting a selection error, and others. 
  • Incorporate weeding in the library’s collection management policy. 
  • Identify tools associated with automated library catalogs that can assist in weeding such as inventory reports, collection age reports, and others.