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Colorado State Library Continuing Education Mission and Vision

Continuing Education Vision

The Colorado State Library is committed to cultivating and demonstrating a culture of learning to empower Colorado library staff to positively influence community development by promoting lifelong learning.

Continuing Education Mission

We help libraries foster community development. The State Library is the Colorado library community’s top resource for innovative learning, continuing education, and professional development opportunities.


  • Empower all Colorado library staff to participate in lifelong learning.
  • Collaborate with other libraries, library organizations and outside agencies on professional development and training opportunities.
  • Participate in state, regional, and national initiatives related to library staff training, formal education, and professional development.
  • Experiment with existing and emerging techniques and technologies to improve training and learning opportunities.
  • Develop relevant, timely, and user focused learning opportunities in a variety of formats.
  • Share knowledge, information, skills, and best practices related to the access and creation of excellent learning opportunities via a variety of methods including in person, online, social media etc.
  • Reflect often on the overall impact of training, continuing education and professional development projects in order to sustain intentional planning and effectiveness.